Saturday, January 19, 2013

Looking Back

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. I thought I'd do this post looking back. Not at 2012 as it wasn't my best year but just at some things and loved ones dear and near to my heart. The picture above is Estella Josephine; I gave her that name and she will be hanging again hopefully soon in a new home.
These flowers were picked for my by my dear Brother and we all enjoyed them at our Easter lunch four years ago. Brother is no longer with us but in my heart he is close and loved forever.
Remember little Sugar Bee, she's grown so much and it's hard to believe that she will be four years old this year.
Linens, I've collected them for 48 years, yep that's right I started collecting when I was 12 years old. Most of these were Grandmothers so they are still with me.
The old holly tree at the old house four years ago in the snow, it was beautiful.
I'm having trouble with posting my pictures but anyway Estella managed to pop back in?

A shelf from the old house.
The old pie safe.
Sugar Bee all grown up.
A little birdie.

My dear Imma Bivis is now 13 years old and going strong and I love her so.
The mantle four years ago.
One of my favorite prim cupboards.
And rolling pins, yep I still collect them.
Stay warm and happy dear friends.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Stranger Tides

New Year day two.
I'm still having a rough time with the flu but I came across these pictures I took back during the late summer. It was late in the day one Sat. when I passed a garage sale sign, I didn't intend to stop but the van just automatically pulled over and stopped for me.
There were still lots of items left, mostly jewelry, toys and childrens clothing but the lady giving the sale firmly announced to all of the browsers that all items were now reduced to 25 cents. In my last post the silver plate and pewter items were purchased at this sale. There was a box of pictures and I loved this old framed print. I didn't get very good pictures as these were packed away when I got home since the tides of uncertainty were already starting to flood my life. The frame has some really lovely detail and the print just amazes me.  
Who is this beautiful young woman? 
And then there was this painting, it is oil on artist board with wood for the backing. The painting and frame are very old. I wish I had gotten a good detailed photo of the frame.
I have to admit it now, I am a great fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean series. I love Jack Sparrow. I hate to admit it but I haven't seen the forth movie yet but if I'm feeling better this weekend I think I just might rent it.

I'm sure this painting is the beloved Pearl or at least I can pretend it is. I've no idea when or where I will display it but to be sure it will stay and I will find a place for it.   

And I really wish I could find out who this charming young lady is. Another project for 2013 as  I charter my life through stranger tides.

Blessed Be. 

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